BeAwesome: #33 Knowledge

BeAwesome: #33 Knowledge

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest- Benjamin Franklin


Understanding your profession and what you love to do is simply not enough in today’s world. You ask, what else do I need to do or know? Well, you need to have knowledge of past and present professions like your own, or similar. What have they done? How and why did they become so successful? And what do you need to do to reach this point? What type of knowledge do I have to gain?What did they do and find out that didn’t work. How can their experience and knowledge help you and what you are trying to accomplish. Knowledge is that important. Knowledge is important because it creates an awareness of what is around you. Knowledge allows you to be creative. Knowledge gives you a better understanding of how things work and how you can separate yourself from others. Knowledge is the key to success and accomplishments you wish to overcome. Read a book. Do Research. Ask questions. Google. Ask your parents. Ask a friend. Learning is something “you” have total control of. Knowledge is something that comes from learning. Choose knowledge. Knowledge 

                                                       – BeAwesome


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