BeAwesome: NewYears Resolutions

BeAwesome: Resolutions

It is about that time of the year again, and everyone is talking about what they want to do in the new year. A lot of people do it, to literally, hear themselves speak (sorry if that’s rude, but it is true). Some do it to say they did it.  Some do it to fit in with their social group. Some don’t care enough to do it at all (I call that keeping it safe). Some still have NO idea what it is, even though they’ve been living on earth for over 20yrs now. Anyways..I think it is a good thing. I think setting goals are important and every opportunity you have to do so, why not..

Below I have list (no particular order) of ways you can create AWESOME Resolutions.

Before you read: Here is my personal list..


1. Be Realistic

A lot of people decide on resolutions they have NO chance of completing (You know who you are). I’m not saying these ideas are impossible. I’m saying they are simply unrealistic and unfair to yourself. They put you in an uncomfortable position and set you up for failure. For example, “I’m going to workout every day in the new year”. Now…….If you have a job that consist of 10-12 hours or more a day, this is going to be tough. Not impossible, but very tough to do for an entire year (Unrealistic). How about you decide that you are going to “try” and workout more. Maybe set a schedule, get someone to look over it. Make it realistic to what you have to deal with on a day to day basis. This gives you a window. You decide when you go, and when you leave. You are only cheating your self if you stop going.

Pick a resolution you are comfortable with. You don’t have to tell ANYONE what your resolution(s) is. Like said before, you are only cheating your self, if you decide not to try, or complete your resolution.  Those who are AWESOME are Realistic

2. Don’t be a Copy Cat

Just because your friends on facebook are posting resolutions and people are “liking” them and saying they want to do the same resolution, don’t copy them. Sure if your friends have good ideas, and you think they suit you as well, do it. By all means, why not, sure you can do the same thing. But don’t copy for the sake of coping. Its boring. And it doesn’t do you any good. Coping is not cool. Really think about what you want to do before you take someone else’s idea. Even “perfect people”make resolutions (if they know what resolutions are)  Those who are AWESOME are not Copy Cats

3. Be Creative (Make a List)

Think outside the box. What do you really want to do, or improve on in the new year. What do you think you can do better. Ask friends, or  family members about “your” year. Ask them for suggestions on what they think you need to do. Make a list and pick know more then 5 resolutions. To many resolutions, will result in, resolution overload. You will forget, and lose track of everything you are working towards because you have to much going on. Those who are AWESOME are Creative and Make a List.

4. Switch it up

Create goals both internally and externally. What can you do within your self (internally). Do you need to laugh more. Smile more. Try to be more serious. Or do you need to focus more on people or the outside world (externally). Being a people person. More friendly to strangers (sorta). Opening the door for elders, etc. Set goals that allow you to switch it up. Those who are AWESOME Switch it up to keep a better spread of resolutions. Switching it up will help make an individual a better person on the inside as well as the outside. Switch it up

5. Be Awesome 

If you plan to do one thing and one thing ONLY in the new year, try to do what makes you happy. Create goals that you feel comfortable with and feel as though you can complete. Who cares what others think of you? Like really…I love to paint.I’m a male, and love teaching elementary.  Not very many of my friends love painting. Not very many of my friends love kids either. Do you think I care enough about what others think to all of a sudden stop painting or stop loving kids. Nope. Why? Because I’m doing what makes ME feel happy..Those who are AWESOME do what makes them happy.

– Be Awesome 


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