BeAwesome : #35 Love

BeAwesome: #35 Love

You’ve got to find what you love– Steve Jobs


Now before I start or begin to talk to you about how those who are AWESOME love, I am going to warn you that I am NO expert in the field. I have had zero, to little (I think) contact with the thing or what ever it is, so take everything I say with a “grain a salt”. You may use it how ever you may wish. Put it in your pocket. Mail it to another country. Light it on fire. Post it on your wall or email it to a friend. It is entirely up to you. But please do not email or message me and say I am wrong. Why? Because I probably won’t care enough to write back, and like I said, I am not an expert.

If you do not Love what you do, you will end up with a job or occupation that you dislike. You will slowly turn into “someone” you and your family and friends “do not know. Your personality will change. You will become more angry towards others and you will lose patience towards anything worth waiting for. When people talk about love they often forget or skip the part about pain and how it coexist with one another. When you love something so much, when and if anything was to happen to this love, it would ultimately break you. If you do not follow your love and passion, this will come true. Your life will be turned upside down, and the direction you planned on going will no longer be available. When you love something, you just do it. You don’t care about what others think. When you are passionate about love, you are happy and success is second nature. You don’t think about stress or income. You think about how fortunate you are to follow what you love to do. Those who are AWESOME love what they wake up and do everyday. Those who are Awesome Love. Love



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