BeAwesome: #36 Learn

BeAwesome: #36 Learn

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever – Mohandas Gandhi


Remember when you were in elementary and your teacher use to always tell you to learn from your mistakes, practice makes perfect. Do you remember your reaction or actually doing so? How afraid were you to mess up the next time when doing something. Do you mind doing something wrong? Like really….. Take the time to think about your reaction before and after your make a mistake. Do you cry and allow it to affect you for the rest of the day. Do you brush it off and act as if nothing happen and continue to do what you were doing. OR. Do you learn from your mistakes? It is easy to allow mistakes to interfere  with your learning. It easy to allow mistakes to hinder your experience and damage the way you think about your passion. Those who are AWESOME make mistakes all the time. ALLLL THE TIMMMMEE. But one thing we do well is learn from our mistakes. Those who are AWSOME recognize what they have done, and use this type of experience to influence their future in a positive way. We don’t cry unless it is worth crying for. We don’t give up unless? Well we never give up. Those who are awesome learn. Learn 



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