BeAwesome: #38 MakeIt

Be Awesome: #38 MakeIt

When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who makeit happen, and those who wonder what happened- John M. Richardson Jr. 


Saying and doing are in two totally different time zones. To “say” something, really? Most of the time, like come on, really means absolutely nothing. Now if you are answering a question in class, or replying to someone in short, maybe (just maybe) it means a little bit more, but in reality, “doing” is what it is all about. Anyone can say they can do something. ANYONE. I’m sure you’ve heard people say all sorts of stuff, like “oh, I’m going to travel the world and leave in a big house” or “oh, I’m going to run my own business and make lots of money”. But do they really? In the back of your head, do you already know that they are not going to complete nor even attempt to accomplish these so called goals. It takes a special individual to actually do what they say and make it happen. Anyone can say they love something or feel passionate about something, or want to make something work,  BUT in reality do they really? What are you going to do, to make it happen? Are you going to give up after the first day when you notice things aren’t going so well. Are you going to give up the second week, when you are tired and worn out from staying up all hours of the night. Those who are AWESOME always MAKEIT happen. Those who are AWESOME understand what it takes to get to this place. MakeIT



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