BeAwesome: #40 Nerd

BeAwesome: #40 Nerd

Being a nerd really pays off sometimes-Ken Jennings

Someone who doesn’t take her/himself too seriously and can be a goofball. Because everyone’s a nerd inside, I don’t care how cool you are- Channing Tatum


I read a quote a few years back that read “Be nice to nerds. Chances are you will  end up working for one someday”. So with that I thought.. Wouldn’t you want to be a nerd? Why wouldn’t you? What’s wrong with them anyway? I feel this quote is very accurate so….in that case, nerds are cool aren’t they? Way back when, I wrote a blog on how nerds are cool. Let me refresh your memory. Nerds like to be themselves. They have fun, they do what they want and never worry about what others think about them. Nerds are smart. What’s wrong with being smart? Smart individuals are successful. What’s wrong with being successful? If you see. There are lots of positives to being a nerd. The negatives? Well I’m not sure, what are they? Those of you who like to make fun of nerds or pick on them? Here is what I think about you. Before you decide to pick on someone, look in the mirror. Before you decide to call someone a name or judge them on their appearance or work ethic, again, look in the mirror. Stop being annoying. And quite frankly, get a life ( to be blunt). Find something productive to do with your life (seriously). Being a nerd has a variety of images that the “old” has created. If you believe that these images can reflect ones personality or inner-heart or feelings you are totally wrong. Being a nerd means being committed to being successful. Those who are AWESOME are nerds. We  pride our self on the drive we have for particular goals. Nerd

(California Dude)



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