BeAwesome: #45 Opportunity

BeAwesome: #45 Opportunity

Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work-  Thomas Edison


Some opportunities only come once in a life time. It is up to us to either let them go or take them in and use them to your advantage. We usually have a hard time wrapping our heads around opportunities. We struggle and stress to make decisions when opportunities approach us from all angles. Sometimes things pop up, opportunities arise unexpectedly and demand decisions right away. Your decision often lays a heavy weight on different aspects of your life. For example: Opportunities to work out of your element, or in another country. Obviously the positive? Chance to travel. See a different part of the world. Do something different. Obviously the negative? Far away from home. Different culture. Different people. Major adjustments (Not really negative, but you get my drift) This is a big opportunity for you. Those who are AWESOME see opportunities as dessert. Like Christmas dinner. You had sweet potato, turkey, gravy, veggies, (sorry for getting a little out of hand here) Oh! And stuffing :-). You think and feel like your belly is full. You are sitting at the table in a food coma. Your grandma goes into the oven and brings out her famous apple pie. What do you do? Well I know what AWESEOME people do. They take the first piece before the rest of the family demolishes everything. Opportunities like this only come around every so often. Take a chance. Make space. Take a piece of apple pie. Opportunity


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