BeAwesome: #47 Passion

BeAwesome: #47 Passion

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you- Oprah Winfrey

My hunger for success if fueled by my passion– Donald Trump


Only some individuals are able to fine what they are passionate about and stick with it. You are not going to be the best at what you do on the first day. More often than not, it is not going to happen on the second day either. Some individuals have fake passions. You know, Mr. or Mrs. Say it all. Have you ever heard anything like? I love painting and art. I’m interested in bright colors and sharp lines. I love to sketch and doodle on my desk  but I never have time to paint. I do not draw and I never read about art. I spend a lot of time playing xbox and parting with friends. BUT. Art is my passion. Now does any of this make sense? (Nothing against friends or xbox) But no, it does not. It is pretty stupid actually (for lack of better word). Some simply have no idea what they love to do, or what they are good at (And that is okay) It is okay not to know. But remember, everyone is good at something. It is up to you to find out what that something is. I’m not saying xbox and friends are bad.  I like to hang out with friends too(not so much a xbox fan)..But at some point in your life you need to grab your priorities and put them in a straight line. At some point in your life you need to start being realistic with your self and where you are going. If you are passionate about something, you need to work at your trade, and spend the maximum amount of time that you can (without burning your self out) working towards this. Be best at what “you” do. Not what others do. Extra curriculum activities should be done in moderation (thanks grade 4 Education Centre). Those who are AWESOME search for what they are passionate about. They understand passion and believe in a brighter future than today. Passion



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