BeAwesome: #50 Quit

BeAwesome: #50 Quit

Do not start something, you know deep down inside, later on in life, you are going to quit. You are selling your self short, and not giving your self a fair chance to at being awesome – BeAwesome

I Quit? Why would I do that?: to give up or give in to a certain circumstance you are dealing with in life. I think that is a pretty accurate definition. To lay down. To have enough. It’s too hard. I broke a nail. My feet hurt. It is too long. I can’t wait. I give in. I give up. I quit. These words and comments are weak, inappropriate and dumb (for lack of a better word). If you are not going to give it your all, yes then quit. By all means, stop what you are doing, and quit. It is your choice. Not anyone else. You are more than welcome to do so. But before you start something, think about what you are getting your self into and remind yourself that everything is not going to be prefect. Barriers are created to be broken. It is up to you to either knock them down or allow it to stand in your way. Quitting is an easy way of saying I hate to work hard. I’m not strong enough for this. Those who are AWESOME have a hard time understanding this concept of quitting. Why? Because we don’t quit. Why don’t we quit? Because we don’t start anything unless we are 100% sure we are going to finish it or at least make an valuable effort in completing (minus thanksgiving or christmas dinner, the concept of quitting is allowed during these events).

– BeAwesome



2 thoughts on “BeAwesome: #50 Quit

  1. You are right, always have the intention to complete what you start and push through te barriers.

    Find a way!

    It is never about what you are doing but rather why you are doing it. What is your motivation? What will you get by completing this task?

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