BeAwesome: #52 Risk

BeAwesome: #52 Risk

Be brave take risk nothing can substitute experience- Paulo coelho 

Take risk, if you win you will be happy, if you lose, you will be wise- Unanimous 


A lot of us are afraid to take risk. We can talk about them all the time but we are afraid and unwilling to take part. We even write them down on paper, talk to friends about them, schedule them and plan them out in advance, but in reality, we are afraid to take risk. Nothing is worth having unless you are willing to take a chance. Within goals and ideas, comes risk. You can take three types of risk 1. Awesome Risk 2. Bad Risk 3. Stupid Risk. Awesome risk are risk that involve critical thinking and precise evaluation of what it is that you are going to take part in.. Yes.… Taking a risk means you are taking a chance. The outcome may or may not be exactly what you like, but hey…, that is why it is called a risk. Doing the unfamiliar, stepping outside your comfort zone and taking on an adventure with no map for directions. This could possible change your life.  Those who are AWESOME take risk. Those who are AWESOME are not afraid to try something new. It does not matter who is watching because people will always be watching. Matter of fact, people will always be judging you as well(This is a part of life). It doesn’t matter what they think. The only thing that matters is how confident  you are in the risk you are about to take. Those who are afraid to take risk, live in a  life of wonder. They stand still and never run. They practice but never preach. Risk



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