BeAwesome: #54 Responsible

BeAwesome: #54 Responsible

Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off.  ~Colin Powell

Everyone has a responsibility

You have responsibility in what happens to you today, tomorrow and in the future. It may not be a lot of responsibility for some of you, but you do have some. You are willing to make choices and decisions. These choices can be used to influence your next experience. Now.. I do understand some of life struggles. We all have our own story. We face ups and downs everyday. Some face more downs than up. While some face more ups than down. For starters, we need to be responsible for our actions. We need to rely first on one self, and later on, on others. In life we have our own ways of dealing with struggles and adversity. Within that, we cannot decide to sleep every day because we are in pain. We must not complain because things are not going the way we want them to go. Life goes on. We are responsible for our future. You are responsible for how you get there. Those who are AWESOME are responsible for their journey in life. Yes, we receive help along the way, but we decide this fate because WE want too. We are careful while being responsible. WE take ownership of our ability and what we do, what we produce and how we produce it. Responsible 

– BeAwesome


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