BeAwesome: #57 Scared

BeAwesome: #57 Scared

A lot of people ask me when I do a stunt, ‘Jackie, are you scared?’ Of course I’m scared. I’m not Superman- Jackie Chan 

Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death- Omar N. Bradley


If you are not scared of anything you are probably not normal (to be blunt). Honestly, have you ever met anyone who has never been scared of anything in their entire life? I haven’t. I’ve heard a variety of  people say, “I’m not afraid to do this” or ” Im not afraid to that”.  But like really? Is that true? Ok, sure you are not scared of heights, but being scared is more than facing your fear and jumping of a building or plane in the sky. Why wouldn’t you want to be scared? (Think about the benefits)People who try not to be afraid make decisions they hate because of their ego. You know that one guy(or girl) in high school who has to show off in front of their peers and do something absolutely insane that later on results in a suspension or phone call home. Yeah that guy (or girl). It is so dumb (for lack of a better word) I honestly do not get it. You are basically sacrificing your life for others (which is good in context, but not in regards too what we are talking about) If you are scared, you probably care a lot. If you are scared, you probably think deeply and long before making a decision. If you are scared you understand the difference between being scared and being a baby. Those who are AWESOME are scared. We are very curious and careful about what we do. We cry. We understand the importance of  scared. Scared 



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