BeAwesome: #61 Uncut

BeAwesome: #61 Uncut

Speak uncut. Explore new world options and be your self while doing so-Uniamous 


I bet a lot of you read this a thought about the different meanings for the word uncut. I bet a lot of you decided to read this because the word is interesting and has so many definitions. The word itself is often used in an adult context, situation or scenario, that involves explicit content of some sort(not here). If you are looking for any of that nature, you can stop reading. If you are interested, here is the real Awesome meaning: To be uncut means to be your self. Be raw. Be natural. Be you. Being uncut involves you speaking your mind. Not giving a (you know what) about what others think or say about you. Put on your own hat on. Never try to be like anyone else. Never hold anything back. Smile when NO one wants you to smile. Laugh when NO one wants you to laugh. Be Uncut. Those who are AWESOME are uncut. We care when caring is appropriate. We express or thoughts and emotions. UnCut



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