BeAwesome: #62 Unique

BeAwesome: #62 Unique

Cherish forever what makes you unique, because you’re really a yawn if it goes- Bette Midler

Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to be a certain way. Be unique. Be what you feel- Melissa Etheridge 


Why am I unique? Why would I want to be like you? ask yourself these questions. Really think about who you are as a person and why you act and do the things you do. Do you want to be like someone other than your self? Do you understand who you really are? Is yu guour mindset developed to be a follower instead a leader? Do you always copy and never go with your gut? Being normal is boring. Being normal is out like New England Patriots in the Super Bowl  ( Sorry Pats-Nation 😦 ) Being unique means being you. Using your ideas. Loving your personality and building your self. Relying on you before looking at others. Taking responsibility of your own beginning. All of those whacky ideas, crazy dreams, retro wardrobe items, strange eating habits, color coordination mixtures, everything! Everything that makes you, you, is unique. All of this is what separates you from normal. Those who are Awesome are unique. Those who are Awesome are leaders. Those who are Awesome set their own trends and be themselves all day, everyday of the week. It is okay to be different. Being normal is so last week. Unique 



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