BeAwesome: #72 Zone

BeAwesome: #72 Zone

A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown- Denis Wattle


How do you get into the zone? What exactly is or does it mean to be in the zone anyway? Some people talk about being in the zone during sports. They feel extremely focused and determined during a task. Very confident. Willing to go after something they want really bad. When you find yourself in this state that I am talking about, your behaviour changes, you start to feel good about yourself and what you are doing. This feel good feeling reflects a positive vibe throughout your entire body. Within this, you start to act and perform at a higher level. The best paper you’ve ever written. The best game you’ve ever played. The most weight you’ve ever lifted. An extra push-up or sit up. Being in the zone means filling your body with positive energy. Nothing can go wrong. And if it does it rarely bothers you. You imagine good thoughts. To be in the zone every time you perform or work at something you love to do (like your passion), it is all most impossible. Or is it? Those who are AWESOME understand what it takes to be in the zone. We follow a routine. ROUTINE. ROUTINE. ROUTINE. Whether that is music. Eating the same food or snack. Walking the same beat. Wearing the same underwear (literally). A routine gives you the opportunity to try to reach specific goals over and over again. Reaching your highest potential.Routine is the key to reaching the zone. ZONE



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