BeAwesome: #76 Bust

BeAwesome: #76 Bust

All I asked is that you bust your butt on that field today- Unanimous


Today is the beginning of your BUST. For a moment, lets forget about previous life and (so-called) failures and let downs and focus on busting your butt within everything you do from here on out (look at your calendar, mark this date, it’s a new beginning). Now before I go on, some of you are probably reading this and saying “What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks” is he talking about? Well this is what it means to BUST: To put forward an immaculate effort to be successful. To never give up on something you’ve worked on for seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and even years. Believing that what you are doing is more than capable of your ability. Busting is the working hard on steroids of today(I do not suggest taking steroids) Those who are AWESOME BUST. We bust because we have NO other work ethic. We work hard but we BUST to separate ourselves from the avg. We no nothing other than BUST (we take small breaks). Bust


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