BeAwesome: #77 Build

BeAwesome: #77 Build

                                                    Courage, my friends; ’tis not too late to build a better world- Tommy Douglas 



Through out our lives we go through a variety of changes. We find new responsibilities, new friends new toys. We walk in strange and narrow directions just to see what is there. We are a courageous bunch of individuals. We read about other people in the paper. Watch movies about killing and love like it’s our own story. We continue to follow other’s and their paths, and stay update on how they are living. We eat what others eat. We take suggestions from others before our own While growing in an environment that is so media filled, we forget to build. We forgot to take out our own blocks and create. We no longer try to construct buildings or houses on our own. We no longer believe the person in the mirror can build. We forgot to build confidence in our abilities and what we are doing. We forget to build faith (in what ever that is you believe in, including your self). Opinion. Motive. Heart. We forget to build these things because of outside influences that try to (control) our every day thought process. It is important to build your own structures and own paths. Those who are AWESOME build. We build because we write the instructions ourselves. We lay out the plan. We use the hammer and the nails to build. Build 


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