BeAwesome: #78 Brave

BeAwesome: #78 Brave

             Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience- Paulo Coelho 


Being brave is about challenging yourself, stepping outside your comfort zone and doing or saying things that you are not used to. For starters you must build up the courage and attentiveness to concentrate on what you love to do. Again..Why care what others think of you? If you take too long to build up the courage to do something, someone else is going to figure it out and do it themselves. All it takes is a little commitment (Just do it, like nike.ahah). Be prepared for haters. Literally. Your neighbours will put you down. Your friends will be the first ones to tell you to stop something you love (some of them). People are going to try to shot down your bravery. You must feel comfortable and be determined. Remember there is a difference between bravery and being stupid. With risk comes consequence. Be careful with your heart. Be curious of what may or could happen. Those who are AWESOME are brave. We wear armour. We use swords. We go to battle. (figure of speech). Brave 


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