BeAwesome: #82 Dance

BeAwesome: #82 Dance

Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance-Dave Barry

Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor-H. Jackson Brown Jr. 


Everyone can dance! (Don’t judge). Why is dancing important? Well dancing has so many benefits we often take for granted. Who’s to say what dancing really is? Don’t allow others to judge you. Like said before, who really cares what others think, specially about your dancing. If they are so concerned about the way you move your hips and behind, they will probably tell you. If not, keep shaking and enjoying every dance. As long as you are having fun and around the people you love, that is the only thing that really matters. Obviously dancing is great for exercise. It is a great way to become physically active and increase flexibility and stamina. Of course it is. But dancing helps with a lot more. Dancing is about building personal confidence in yourself to do what ever you want without feeling put down by others (the haters). Dancing is about building the courage to become what you want to be and not what others see you as. Dancing is about putting yourself in a place where know one else can reach you (not literally). Those who are AWESOME dance! We use dancing as tool to be successful. We use dancing as an outlet to a place “we” only understand. Dance


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