BeAwesome: #84 Dedicated

BeAwesome: #84 Dedicated

At this stage of my life, I’ve dedicated myself to playing what I want to play, how I want to play it for the rest of my time. Regardless of whether one might like it or one might not like it, this is where I am- Chico Hamilton 


You can be really good at sports. You can really like to draw or paint or work at your favourite hobby. You can love your job. You can be happy and committed to the way you live your life right now.You can easily settle for being mediocre or average. You can be content with being “okay” when someone asks you if you are alright. You can be dedicated. You can dedicate yourself to something worth working towards. You can dedicate yours self towards a higher level of expertise then the person next to you. Dedicate yourself to hard work. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Dedicate yourself to being focused on a task. Dedicate yourself to what you love to do. Again. Dedicate yourself to what you love to do. Take your maximum amount of heart and soul and use it towards something you love and feel is worth waking up in the morning for. Be Dedicated. Those who are AWESOME are dedicated. We understand why we stay up the extra hour at night. We understand the sacrifice we have to make to be successful. Dedicated



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