BeAwesome: #85 Expect

BeAwesome: #85 Expect

You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them- Michael Jordan


Life is about expecting good things. Expecting the best of yourself and what you are worth. Not wishing upon a star and “hoping” that something comes true. Expect. Expecting to be successful. Expecting to do well on a task. Being positive. Using positive emotions to influence a situation. Blocking out the negative so it can not take part in your decision. Wait your turn. Keep working and expect you positive thoughts to come true. Opportunities are discovered by expecting. Don’t be overwhelmed. When placed in a difficult situation one tends to look at the negatives before the positives. Why look at the negatives? See them, acknowledge them and use them as positive reinforcement. Those who are AWESOME expect to win. Those who are AWESOME expect to do well and give 100% while doing so. Expect because you are more than able to accomplish. Expect because sometimes you are the only one that believes. Expect



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