BeAwesome: #92 Geek

BeAwesome: #92 Geek

Being a geek means being dedicated to your craft and really focusing on the task at hand- Anonymous   

Who's a Geek?Thoughts so..


A Geek is the new cool. Similar to a nerd, geeks are on top of the food chain now a days (yes you read that correctly) (see side photo) What many of us think about geeks are , weird? Why? (Not sure, being weird is pretty cool I think) Because they spend countless hours studying and focusing on what they love to do (how is this strange?) People also believe that geeks have no friends or social life (entirely false), they just understand the difference between parting and work (true story) They understand balance. Geeks do not necessarily go to college and become doctors (Ask Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg) two individuals that dropped out (not to mention Harvard) to follow their heart and become successful. What is wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. Geeks go against social norms and that is why society looks at them  different. If you dear try something different you will be judge (common fact). But again, who cares really? (not me!) Those who are AWESOME are geeks. We don’t mind doing what makes us happy, even if that means going against the social norm. We are our own destiny. We make decisions that we believe are going to make us happy, and benefit us right now and in the future. Geek



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