BeAwesome: #93 Grow

BeAwesowe: #93 Grow

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow– Ralph Waldo Emerson 


Growing is an essential part of life. We all have to go through this. We live, we work, we get old (nature of the beast). You are and will be forever, growing. The more you grow the better person you become (hopefully). The easier it is for you to understand why you do certain things, and why you feel a certain way about something. Growing allows you to find your very own self. Who are you? And what do you want others to think about you? When someone thinks about you, what should they think about? That is entirely up to you. To grow, is to be patience but work hard (this can be tough for some people). To grow is to look ahead but never lose sight of were you are and where you come from (family/friends/etc). Those who are AWESOME grow. We work and practice extremely hard but remember there is always room for growth. We understand the process and the time it takes to get were we want to be in life. We are our own leader. We grow. Grow



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