BeAwesome: #94 Hug

BeAwesome: #94 Hug

Where I live if someone gives you a hug it’s from the heart- Steve Irwin 



This is something we do a lot less of today. The art of hugging is underrated and very loosely used in terms of relationships (not just girlfriend and boyfriend). To hug someone can mean a variety of different things. First communication and love, the obvious that comes to mind. Caring and everything else usually comes along after. I care. I’ve been thinking about you. I really love you. All of this is said through a common hug. Without words this action is important. Some individuals resist from this type of interaction with others (which is sad, personally, I mean like, get over yourself). Some individuals feel forced  (again, get over yourself). Fake hugs are not AWESOME. Hugging is okay. When ever given the opportunity I suggest that you enjoy it and embrace the feeling of someone caring about you. Everyone does not get an opportunity  to hug someone every  day. Those who are AWESOME hug. We don’t go crazy hugging everyone we see but we hug when appropriate and embrace the feeling of others hugging us. We realize how important is to be thought of .We take in and we give out. Cared for and loved. Hug

-BeAwesome (HugSomeoneToday)


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