BeAwesome: #96 Hello (or Hi)

BeAwesome: #96 Hello (Hi)

Say hello to those you approach, yet you will probably make their day- Annoymous 


Does anyone say Hello (or Hi) anymore. Do you really need to know the person walking towards you to say hello? ( I don’t think so). A simple hello (or hi) could make the biggest difference in the world to many individuals. This simple yet amazing greeting is yet another tool we lack in society as whole. I remember walking by people I see all the time (steering and steering and steering). This is so awkward. Please say hello. I guess we are both ignorant for not even smiling either. Is it that hard to smile or greet the person in front of you? Again, I don’t think so. Doesn’t it feel good when someone actually acknowledges you as a person, being physically there in the flesh instead of looking through you as if you were a ghostbuster. It makes sense. And its simple. Say hello to your friends. Say hello to your family members. Classmates. Teachers. Alders (if anyone your elders) Please say hello to your elders. Strangers. You never know what the person walking towards you are going through. A hello can change their day. Week. Even month or year around if it is sincere. Those who are AWESOME say hello. Be nice. Say hello. Hello (or Hi)



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