What is Be…Awesome (Refresher)

What is Be…Awesome (Refresher)

If you didn’t(don’t) know, read: (If you already know read anyways)

Be…Awesome is a positive movement that is geared towards every single human being that is willing to follow a dream or passion they love to do . This movement is not steered towards one age, race nor sexual orientation. This movement does not care about  your physical ability, weight, height or body type. This movement does not care about your appearance, the brand of your shoes or how expensive your outfit is. This movement does not look and see, rich or poor. This movement is Be…Awesome. And how do you become Awesome? Number one: Start by being yourself. Believe in your ability to accomplish. Look in the mirror and believe in the individual you are looking at. Number two: Find what you love. Search and do what you love to do. Trust your instinct. Follow a dream or a passion you feel confident in, and do it. Don’t hold back. Number three: Take chances. Make mistakes. Don’t be scared to mess up. Everything you do is an experience that will better your future. Number four: Follow your heart. Fall in love. Learn something new everyday. Number five: Be nice to people. Smile. Be Happy. Life is Beautiful. Be…Awesome

Be…Awesome is not only about wearing a tshirt or a sweater. These items are used as a reminder for you to Be…Awesome(Do what makes you happy). Owning anything with this brand separates you from the average citizen. Only those who are determined and willing to follow their own path in life should request joining this movement. This team is built around commitment and a spirit of hope that will never give up on something they love to do. We are Be…Awesome


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