BeAwesome: #101 Jump

BeAwesome: #101 Jump

I jump at any chance I get to be successful. I’m patient, but I still love jumping- Unanimous


Somethings in life, we as a society have to simply deal with. Some of us are (so called) born with natural talent. Some of us are (so called) naturally smart as well. Different things come to each one of us differently. It may take myself 30mins to draw and colour a picture, where as it may take you 1hr to do the same. It may take myself 2hrs to bake a cake, where it may take you 25minutes. No matter how long something takes, or how well your counterpart is completing something, that does not mean what you are doing is not great or recognizable. Better yet, it does not mean what you are doing is not being done to the best of your ability. As long as you take one jump towards that goal, that is all that matters. Taking the jump. Now when it comes to jumping, everyone has their own way of approaching a leap. Some people like to take/try big jumps towards reaching a goal. While others may like to take smaller jumps, towards doing the same thing. Again, it doesn’t matter how big or long your jumps are. The only thing that matters is, you actually trying to jump. Those who are AWESOME jump. We understand jumping as a way of reaching an individual platform to maintain a goal. We realize that everyone jumps in their own manner. We jump when ready. We never feel pressured to jump. Jump



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