BeAwesome: #102 Jog

BeAwesome: #102 Jog

Laughter is inner jogging- Norman Cousins


Just because everyone is running does not mean you have to follow in their footsteps. Some people would rather jog (I like to jog). Jogging is definitely something you should consider doing. Here is why jogging is important. Jogging will ideally strengthen your heart. It gives you time to think and understand a situation. Jogging allows the individual to breathe easier. Jogging gives you time for error and mistakes. Have total control of what you are doing and trying to accomplish by jogging. Very rarely does an individual create success through running(Or being in a rush). To jog means to be patient. Willing to wait. If you decide to jog you will be less fatigued, and easily re-energrized. If you jog you will feel good about yourself and gradually create a routine that will eventually result in success. Those who are AWESOME jog. We understand when it is time to run, but we always start by jogging. Jogging towards a goal is important because it allows time for trial an error. Jog to success. Work hard and everything will work out. Jog. Don’t be over eager to achieve. Believe in yourself, and it will happen. Jog 


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