BeAwesome: #104 Keep

BeAwesome: #104  Keep

Keep life beautiful-Unanimous


Keep a good thing when you have it. Hold on to something worth holding on to. Understand why keeping is important. So often we decide to let go of the things we most cherish, for a moment, a second of happiness. A minute of fire works. An hour of enjoyment. We forget why we held on for so long. We forget why we decided to keep in the first place. It is hard to understand and realize, when and why something is important. We are humans. We make mistakes. We often do this thing, that is oh so uncharacteristic of ourselves. That is the nature of society (no one is perfect). Decide to keep. Find something that will forever create positive images in your mind (This is not easy). Find something that will always be there even when you lease aspect it (This is hard also). Find something that makes you smile. Find something that really brightens your star and understanding of life and the journey you are about to take. Find something worth keeping and hold on to it. This thing you find doesn’t have to be a Prince Charming or Cinderella. It doesn’t have to be an expensive car or a shiny ring or new necklace. The era of materials, is and should be over. Those who are AWESOME have greater heights to climb and rivers to cross than materials. We are searching for a love. A passion worth holding on to. A dream worth keeping. Keep



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