BeAwesome: #105 Knock

BeAwesome: #105 Knock

I believe success is preparation, because opportunity is going to knock on your door sooner or later but are you prepared to answer that? – Omar Epps 


I must admit, it is not easy to knock down barriers that stand taller than you. Have I ever knocked down anything of this weight (I’d like to think so). Have you? It takes a lot to come to a conclusion and decide that you are going to knock. Knock on the door of your crush in high school. Knock on wood when you actually really want that something to happen. And yes, knock down barriers that are bigger than you, that is over towering your thoughts or a dream you might have in mind. It takes a lot to knock. But really? What do you have to lose by knocking? A no? I don’t want to go to the movies, from the girl or guy of your dreams in high school? A refusal to knock on wood, because you actually want that something to happen. A dream crushed because of a barrier that  is (so-called) too tall and or too strong (so you think)? How will you know if you don’t knock? How do you get answers? Those who are AWESOME knock. We knock for periods at a time (never over knocking) because we feel it is an appropriate strategy  to become successful. Trail and error. Knock. Knock because you believe you can make it happen. Try to open. Try to knock down. Knock 



One thought on “BeAwesome: #105 Knock

  1. So true Gary. There is a quote by Tony Dungy which states, “what lies in the bottom of the well, will eventually come up in the bucket”. Words to always remember well self evaluating and reflecting.

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