BeAwesome: #107 Locate

BeAwesome: #107 Locate

When trying to locate something, search your mind first- Craig Bruce


Know one really likes to look for anything now a days. Hide and seek, isn’t really hide and seek anymore. If it takes you over 2 days to find something, you usually go out and buy it again. And we often become impatient when trying to find answers to problems we struggle with or have a hard time figuring out. Locating something is made difficult and frustrating because we are often lazy, lazy when it comes to searching and figuring out a task (including myself). The first thing you have to do is locate success and define the meaning for yourself. The second thing you have to do is locate your skills and cherish them. Really love your ability to do what you do. The third thing is to locate a good attitude. Understand what it takes to overcome a struggle. Those who are AWESOME locate. We enjoy hide and seek. We understand that locating takes time and may bring challenging emotions. We still locate. Locate



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