BeAwesome: #109 Motor

BeAwesome: #Motor

Everyone has a motor. It is up to that individual to determine when they want to start it- Unanimous


In order for anyone to be successful they must develop a motor. You ask, what is a motor? Or How can I get a motor? Well..Let’s think about it for a second. What does a car use to drive. What does a boat use to float and move on deep water? What do you need to move forward and keep moving-no matter the circumstances you face? A Motor. You can’t just go out and buy one of these. This motor is created through the person.  An individual that has the mental and physical ability to focus on something and  give 110%. And NEVER GIVE UP.Trying to accomplish. This is having a motor. Working when everyone else is a sleep. Understanding that handwork pays off. Hustling when everyone else is going through the motions. The most important thing you can learn form having a motor is that, if you continue to push yourself to the limit, you are guaranteed to have results. They may not be the results you wished for, but something will happen because of the work you’ve put in. Those who are AWESOME have a motor. Motor



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