BeAwesome: #110 Move

BeAwesome: #110 Move

You can’t keep blaming yourself. Blame yourself once, and move on- Dan Castellaneta


When you are trying to get something or going somewhere. When you are working hard at something and trying to accomplish a goal or what ever it is you have in mind. When your fed up, and finally mean business, and focus with an intensity and a heart that cannot be broken. When you move. When you move forward. Everything that happen yesterday or the day before, no longer matters. Everything positive that happened, take it. Take it, and grab, and move on. Move that energy and experience and create a more positive way of life through these ideas. Positive behaviours. Positive feedback. And move forward. Only the strong are able to take 2 steps when everyone is cheering and hoping that you fail or fall short of your dream. Only the strong are able to move forward. Those who are AWESOME move. 1 step. 2 step. 3 step. 4. Moving. We move with a purpose. We believing in moving. Move

– BeAwesome


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