BeAwesome: #112 Notice

BeAwesome: #112 Notice

As long as you smile. Notice yourself. Stick your shoulders back. And walk with a meaning. You will create a special road for yourself for many years-Unanimous


When someone gets upset, when they go unnoticed (particularly for the wrong reasons), we often tend to change our attitude and feelings towards that particular situation and experience. Feel bad about something. Or think we are now worthless or incapable. Some of us want to be noticed for all of the wrong reasons (that’s right I said it). And that is how we get ourselves in trouble. People (us) look at society, and search, notice everything but the right thing. What is the right thing? Notice the little boy who opens/holds the door for you at the supermarket. Notice the flowers growing during the spring. Notice good-friends and family members. Notice the old. Notice what you have and how grateful you should be for life. Notice how much worst things “could” be. Notice your parents (even if you don’t like them). Notice conversation. Notice a good memory. Those who are AWESOME notice. We notice what is important first before anything else (family). We notice the importance of a dream, and why we wake up and follow it. Notice



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