BeAwesome: #113 No

BeAwesome: #113 No

It is okay to say no, even when you really want to say yes- Unanimous  


How hard is it for you to say no? (For me and other people, it can be very difficult) For some, it is very easy. To say this simple word in context, means absolutely nothing. It is almost second nature for most people. A ritual or common language in every day conversation. What does the word really mean? It most certainly does not mean you are a bad person. And it definitely does not mean you are unkind or unwilling to help others either. Being able to say no is an art. It takes courage to say no for some people. Say no because you value time and what you do throughout a regular day. Say no because of future and present commitments and priorities to family and other friends. Don’t be afraid to say, I’m not sure or this probably is not going to work out. If an individual is unable to  understand that you are incapable of doing something, they are probably incapable of being your friend as well. It is okay to say no. Those who are AWESOME say no. Never allow others to take advantage of them and never allow their kindness to get in the way their future priorities in life. Understand that saying no is normal. People deal with this concept every day, and they move on. No



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