BeAwesome: #114 Offer

BeAwesome: #114 Offer

Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer – Rick Pitino


We are interesting creatures (humans). We are all different in a variety of ways. We have different personalities. A different smile. A different approach to everything. We walk different. We eat different. We love and hate so many different things. As individuals in society we tend to dwell on our differences, when in reality, we should really focus on what we have to offer one another. What do you have to offer? For some of us, we believe we have nothing (which is wrong) For others, we believe we have everything. Now, before you read any further, you need to understand that what you have to offer and what I have to offer is probably  going to be bit different (yes, that word again). But that is the great thing about us (society). We all have a chance to impact this world our own way. We don’t have to all cure cancer (even though that would be great). We don’t have to walk on the moon or run a thousand miles and break world records. We have to offer this world something they can remember (obviously something positive). Those who are AWESOME offer. We offer a warm hug, when individuals are sad. We offer conversation. We try to offer what we are good at. We understand that we may not impact the entire world, but we realize the impact we may have on the person next to us. Offer 



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