BeAwesome: #115 Open

BeAwesomeL #15 Open

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt- Abraham Lincoln 


It is hard to be open (for some of us). We get comfortable. We relax in our own little world. We no longer need directions because we have already made it to our destination. We sit. We get lazy. We stop talking to others because or opinion is the only opinion that matters. We are no longer open. We pass up the chance to talk. Discuss. Think outside the box and create new ideas or thoughts. We become narrow-minded. We have conversations for the sake of having a conversation. But are we really listening? Be open. Listen. Really cherish the thoughts of others. Others and their ideas. Suggestions. Beliefs. It is okay to disagree or be different. Some of us are still trying to understand this. Love for the sake of loving. Don’t hate for the sake of hating. An individual has a right to be different. Walk in a path they choose. Those who are Awesome open. We open our mind and thoughts to others. We listen. Never judge. Cherish all walks of life. And never take anyone for granted. Open


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