BeAwesome: #117 Push

BeAwesome: #119 Push

And to learn, you have to be willing to push yourself- Brandi Chastain 

Do not try to push your way through to the front ranks of your profession; do not run after distinctions and rewards; but do your utmost to find an entry into the world of beauty- Sydney Smith 


When things aren’t going exactly how you want them to go, what do you do? What is the most popular response to conflict or failure today? What do you do when you are down or feel unhappy about something. For starters, push yourself in a direction that you feel most comfortable with. Whether that is with family, friends or by your self in your bedroom. Push yourself in that direction. Surround your self with positive people. Push yourself to keep going (very important). Believe that everything happens for a reason, and this is one area of your life that has brought you valuable lessons and things and information you will never forget. Push yourself. Push yourself to try something new. Don’t be afraid to go for a walk with a friend, or call up an old buddy and ask them to hang out (everyone doesn’t want to be your boyfriend or girlfriend, some people are looking for good friends). Push yourself to try new things. Push your self to good faith. Now I don’t expect everyone to believe in a higher power ( I respect everyone’s opinion and thoughts on what to believe in or not), but I do suggest that believing in something will benefit you in the future. Believe in a friend. A parent. Your favourite teddy bear. Anything. Those who are AWESOME push. We push no matter the circumstance. We try. We struggle. We overcome. Push



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