BeAwesome: #121 Read

BeAwesome: #121 Read

A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read- Mark Twain 


Growing up, my parents would request that I read every day. To become a better reader, listener and writer, reading was (still is) very important. My parents believed that reading was something that not only allowed personal growth in an individual, but allowing one to figure out situations, life goals and dreams, all by themselves. Reading allows an individual to build a relationship with them self (find out who you are as a person). What you enjoy doing. Inner thoughts. Personal beliefs. Reading allows academic growth and people skills. Better communication. A higher level of thinking. Concentration. Imagination. Reading exercises the brain. Read because it will strengthen your arisen. Read because it will better your chances of accomplishing anything you think about. Those who are AWESOME read. We read because we see the importance in a sentence, a paragraph, or even chapter in book. An article. A poster. We read because words are inspiring. Encouraging. Helpful. Reading allows one to learn something. Reading can open the doors of any goal or wish you have in mind. Read



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