BeAwesome: #123 Special

BeAwesome: #123 Special

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious- Albert Einstein 

To give without any reward, or any notice, has a special quality of its own – Anne Morrow Lindbergh 


You are very special. Never allow anyone to tell you otherwise. You are who you are for one particular reason. That reason, is only thought out, and understood by you. You are different. You are greater than you’ve ever expected. You are special. You meet all challenges and work towards an outcome that is satisfying within your needs. You work hard. You are unique. You are you. You are special. No one can dream the way you dream. No one can walk the way you walk. No one can talk the way you talk. You are special. You smile the way you smile. You run the way you run. You eat the way you eat. Those who are AWESOME are special. We are continuously tested by others. We are put down. We are looked down upon because of our swagger. Because of the traits we carry. It doesn’t matter. We are special. Special 



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