BeAwesome: #124 Support

BeAwesome: #124 Support

Support others when they are in need, and maybe, just maybe someone will do the same for you- Unanimous  


Support others and what they want to do in life (again, this should be something positive). Even if that something is something you’d rather them not do (think about it). If a friend or family member (or anyone) is pursuing a dream (that you believe is not fitting) you should still support them and encourage them to be successful. Suggesting other ideas and goals are never wrong, but you have to be sensitive towards their dream, and what they are trying to do. Support can easily turn someones dream into reality. It can easily cause someone to push and work harder. Support is the reason many of us get by, and barrel through obstacles that look or feel impossible. Support others. And most importantly support yourself. Those who are AWESOME support. We support others because simply? That is the right thing to do. Support whom ever it is that needs supporting, and be a reason why they are successful. (It is okay to be selfish sometimes, but not all the time)



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