BeAwesome: #126 Today

BeAwesome: #126 Today

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning – Albert Einstein 


Today is Tuesday. Tomorrow will be Wednesday. The day after that is Thursday. Unfortunately we have zero control of what day it is. We can control what we do in each day. Today, let’s try to do something different. Today, let’s take the stress we had yesterday and focus our attention on something worth the energy and time. Today, let’s taste something new. Today, let’s forget about the past and concentrate on our future. Today, let’s make a list of all the wonderful things you are good at. Today, let’s make a difference. Today, let’s say hello to our neighbours (even if they are mean). Today, let’s decide on whether or not we want to pursue a thought or imaginary dream or fantasy. Today. Today’, let’s figure something out. Let’s figure out what our purpose is and what we love and wish to do today. Those who are AWESOME understand today. Every day is a new opportunity for us to start something new. Continue to follow a path. Today is a new day:-)



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