Project Discovery: Europe

Project Discovery: Europe

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Recently I’ve made a new friend in Lindsey Potter. She is an inspiring young lady who resides from North East, Florida. She is a student at St. Johns River State College, where she is currently the president of the International Honour Society, Phi Theta Kappa on her campus. She is extremely caring and passionate individual, who is determined to help students uncover their true potential in growth and discovering their own path and way life. She is on a mission to uncover the potential of all students and help them believe in discovering their own world.

Lindsay’s mission has taken her to numerous places in her life, but nothing like the journey she is about to take across Europe. Herself and Diggie Vitt will be stopping in each country and documenting what they find in an informative yet eccentric web series. Each country will get its own professionally complied and edited webisode featuring practical travel tips, country and cultural facts, entertaining video clips, daily life abroad the train and most importantly, Europe through the eyes of young adults.

Personally, Me and Lindsay both thought it would be an AWESOME idea if I followed her journey (And of course I will). But I thought it would be an even better idea if everyone else got to follow it as well. I will be posting comments and post from Lindsay’s site on this blog to keep everyone aware of what she and Diggie are up too, but I encourage you to follow her blog yourself at:



With all traveling comes an expense. Follow this link to help Lindsay and Diggie take this great adventure that will not only benefit them, but everyone who is watching and listening at home as well.

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