BeAwesome: #133 Say

BeAwesome: #133 Say

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony- Mahatma Gandhi 


I guess it can be hard to say what you want. Sometimes this task is not called for. Sometimes it demands a specific place, time or situation. Sometimes you are not in the right place to do so. But if you had the opportunity would you? Say what is on your mind, so that headache and familiar stomach ache would go away. The feel of relief and or weight so easily taken off your shoulders by a paragraph or an expression you have bundled up in your mind. Everyone understands what it feels like to be told something, and not being able to reply. Or simply not replying because you hate conflict or are unwilling to express the way you really feel about a topic or subject. Not many of us like confutation. Mine you, I do know a select few who enjoy the battle. But say what is on your mind. Express a given thought or opinion about something. Enjoy what you say. Be passionate about the words you speak and how you say it. Be confident. Those who are AWESOME say what is on their mind. We can only hold on for so long without expressing our thoughts or great feeling about something we care deeply about. We express. We speak. We say. Say



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