BeAwesome: #136 Very

BeAwesome: #136 Very

I do the very best I know how – the very best I can; and I mean to keep on doing so until the end- Abraham Lincoln


Very rarely do we consider life easy. Right? We have so many issues and problems that we have to figure out on our own. Right? Very rarely do we ever get help. Very often we stand alone when it rains, just sitting there. Right? Very often we struggle and rely on luck or some sort of foreign discovery or a chance, to create “our” own opportunities. Right? Very often we think this way. Don’t allow this very moment to affect the way you go about your every day life or routine. Change your very often to very rarely. Very rarely think about the negative. Very rarely rely on others to give you a chance (give yourself a chance first). Very rarely give up. Very rarely look at yourself and believe anything less than the beauty of your inner self. Very rarely stop working. Very rarely stop the grind and or hustle of a goal or what ever is you love to do. Very rarely. Again, take the very often and change it to very rarely.Those who are AWESOME very. We very in different shapes. Sizes. Skin colour. Backgrounds. Sexuality. Faith. Income. Shoe size.Food preference. Education. Height. But we all very rarely change our mentality towards life and what we want out of its meaning. Very



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