BeAwesome: #140 Draw

BeAwesome: #140 Draw

To draw you must close your eyes and sing- Pablo Picasso 


Everyone has the ability to draw. Everyone has some sort of, creativity and or a way of expressing  themselves differently through art. Drawing is one way to show an expression. Or thought. Or emotion. Draw upon an idea. Draw upon a feeling. A feeling that allows you to create an image. An image of self. Where you are going and how you are going to get there. Draw some sort of plan. Create a map. Use materials that draw. Draw a picture. Paint a portrait. Draw yourself towards positive people. Draw a dream. Draw a passion. Draw what ever it is  you love to do and want to practice it. Draw. Colour. Mark. Scribble. Do what ever it takes to draw. Those who are AWESOME draw. We never compare what we draw, so we are never worried what the final outcome of our artistic piece created by ourselves may look like. We focus on drawing. We think about it. We draw it. We make it reality. Draw



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