BeAwesome: #144 Complete

BeAwesome: #144 Complete

The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be- Oprah Winfrey 


Anyone can start something. Anyone can want to suggest an idea, or believe they are bright enough to start something great. Everyone has great thoughts. Motivation to “get going”. Everyone  wants to be successful at what they do. Everyone wants a house, white picket fence, possibly some kids and great job, right? Anyone can begin something. Anyone can follow a path or half way do something as well. But who’s in it to complete it. Who is willing to complete a task that they start, or “get going”. Who really wants that something bad enough to complete it. Complete what you start. Complete anything that makes you happy. Work hard and complete what it is you are working on. Understand the sweat and hardships that come with completing something. Complete the perfect meal. Complete the perfect run. Complete the perfect song or dance. Those who are AWESOME complete. We understand that our paths may change. Different opportunities and events may challenge and change our perspectives of what we want to complete and how we complete them, but we still complete. We try to put forth a valid effort to complete. Complete 



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