BeAwesome: #148 Shape

BeAwesome: #148 Shape

Everything shapes you to be the person you are today. Sometimes hard lessons pay off dividends- Al Jourgensen 



You have every right. You have the ability. You have the brains. You are smart enough to shape your life. Be responsible for the shape of your future. Shape your own identity. Mold with your hands what ever it is you’d like to do with your pass time. Live life the way you shape it. The way you understand and want it to be. Doing what makes you happy and enjoying your occupation or hobby is what shaping is all about. Living a dream. A fairy tale. Creating thoughts that become reality. Shaping. Shaping what  you see, but making a plan and going through with it, following a road map that you created. Shape. Shaping a reason to accomplish or finish something. Don’t start unless you are going to finish. Those who are AWESOME shape. We shape our futures through planning and handwork. We dedicate our time towards jobs, hobbies and obstacles we love. Shape


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