BeAwesome: #152 Busy

BeAwesome: #152 Busy

As we live longer and healthier for longer, we need to keep ourselves busy… the diary is pretty full- Evelyn Glennie

I have never regarded myself as this or that. I have been too busy being myself to bother about regarding myself- REx Stout


Being busy is good. Being over busy is not so good. To understand the concept of busy you must find something you enjoy doing, so that busy is fun and less thought of as work. Being busy means you are motivated or excited to do something. Being busy means you are on a mission (which is good). Be busy enough that your drive for success is always filled. Be busy enough that your motor is always running and ready to go. Be Busy. Be Good Busy. Not Bad Busy. Bad Busy is wasting energy on objects, things and individuals who bring you down or have zero intentions on helping you become successful. Help others who are busy. Those who are busy require help. Need breaks. To be busy means you’ve found something you love. Stay away from unnecessary busy. Busy that wastes your time or causes headaches. Busy that causes stress or unpleasant mishaps. Those who are AWESOME stay busy.Busy is a way of life. Busy is something we understand that will better our future. Busy



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