BeAwesome: St. Andrews Jr. School: Grade 5: What it means to BE…AWESOME Video

BeAwesome: Grade 5: What it means to BE…AWESOME

About a month or so ago, I had the opportunity to chat with a grade five class at St. Andrews Jr. School, in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada (Thanks Morgan Gero & Carolyn MacDonald :-). I must admit, I was really nervous. It was the youngest group of individuals I’ve ever spoken to about the concept. The students response to my ideas and thoughts and written work was exceptionally well. We talked about the meaning of BE…AWESOME and how they can set goals as individuals and use internal motivation as a power and response to negative energy and thoughts. These students/young adults caught on very fast. Must I add, they surprised me with how smart and intelligent they were (Miss you guys!) I am not the best writer and I often use words and sentence structure that fits me. Sometimes I can be very wordy and confusing. Little did I know, these bright students picked up on ever detail, idea, expression and meaning that I had. Here are the results.. Please watch the entire video 🙂 #Tear#Tear




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